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Wholesale Jeweler

At White Diamond, we specialize in designing a piece of jewelry that complements your personal style, is within your financial means, and possesses a sentimental value that is unrivaled by anything you can buy in a store. 

You get more for your money 

Contrary to popular belief, custom jewelry is not always more expensive than brand jewelry that has already been manufactured. You can also find a ring that fits your vision and style while staying within your budget when you work with us. 

Your jewelry will have a unique personal touch

Wearing a unique piece of jewelry gives you a special feeling of intimacy. You can easily add your own unique style and touch to the new piece of jewelry you want to design, whether it is an engagement ring or a new pair of earrings that you hope to pass down in the future.

Everything about the piece, from its shape to the color of any gemstones you put on it, is up to you. When you choose to pass it down as a family heirloom, you will be passing down a truly unique, valuable, and meaningful piece. 

When you shop at a typical jewelry store, you have no control over the designs that are presented to you, so there is no room for creativity. You can choose from the available items or leave empty-handed and feeling a little discouraged. With us, you can make your new piece of jewelry as creative and one-of-a-kind as you want. 

Designing your own custom jewelry gives you more control over how it looks. Instead of looking for the right piece of jewelry at a variety of stores in town, you can design your own piece. We help you create "the one." We know how important it is to have exactly what you want and how special it is to know that you are the first and only person to have ever worn that piece of jewelry. 

Although we offer custom pieces for affordable prices, we are unlike any wholesale jeweler out there. Someone who buys diamonds in bulk and sells them to brick-and-mortar stores or online diamond companies is known as a diamond wholesaler. They get precious stones with a profound rebate since they purchase in mass. They don't normally offer their goods to individual purchasers.

Because of our knowledge and commitment to our clients, we have grown from a small office to a thriving business. At White Diamond, we are your personal jeweler. We focus on what you want, not what we have in stock. We want you to have a fun experience and enjoy the process while feeling comfortable staying within your budget. Choosing a piece like an engagement ring or wedding band is all about the experience and excitement of your journey. 

What is A Ring Appointment Like?

When you come in for a private appointment, we begin by getting to know you. We want to hear your story. We also encourage you to bring in pictures of your ideal ring. We then find the style and shape of the stone you want and set out the ring styles you are most drawn to. We help guide you step by step. Our structured process of selecting a ring keeps you from feeling overwhelmed while also showing you what is possible. One of the last things we do is measure your ring size. Keep in mind that you should count on having your ring take about three weeks to arrive, so give yourself enough time. This is not a process that should be rushed, it should be enjoyed and charised. 

Why Should You Buy High-Quality Jewelry? 

Studies have shown that low-quality jewelry contains both known and probable carcinogens. 

This indicates that your inexpensive jewelry may contain cancer-causing chemicals. We do not, of course, assert that wearing this jewelry will cause cancer. We do recommend that you avoid wearing a lot of carcinogenic necklaces, bracelets, and earrings because they may put your health at risk.

Low-Priced Jewelry Isn't Durable  

Inexpensive jewelry will not last. When you purchase something for a loved one, especially if it is for a special occasion, you want it to last a lifetime. Cheap jewelry simply will not stand the test of time. It is also not as easy to fix as high-quality pieces because of the materials it is made out of. Don't waste your money. Invest in quality jewelry. 

To make an appointment, you can call our store or request a time through our website.