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Jewelry Repair Service

When your favorite ring, bracelet, or necklace breaks, it can break your heart. Jewelry is valuable for both personal reasons and monetary reasons, so investing in professional repair is worth it. Although you may be tempted to try some DIY repair alternatives, we recommend bringing in your precious jewelry so we can fix it correctly the first time. 

Why Choose White Diamond for Your Jewelry Repair?

Our repair services pay enormous attention to detail. We can perform repairs without leaving any tool marks or scratches. Although these blemishes may be small, they can really make an impact on how the piece looks overall. 

Gold and silver are soft, precious metals that need to be handled with care. When this is done incorrectly, the damage and flaws made to the metal can be very noticeable. We have the appropriate tools to prevent this from happening and leaving your gold and silver smooth and flawless. 

Access to the right materials 

Some repair alternatives won't give you access to many tools and materials that are best suited for the job. A lot of DIY tutorials may also tell you you need things like toothpaste, vinegar, or baking soda. These substances have the potential to further corrode the metal or weaken the jewelry piece if used on the wrong metal.

When you bring your jewelry to us, you won't have to worry about exposing your expensive jewelry to such substances. Adhesives, cleansers, and other solutions designed specifically for this purpose will be used instead. We also know which stone or metal to use because of experience and technical expertise.

Quality Results

The final result of a repair is what matters most. You might want to replace a stone in a bracelet or fix the clasp on a necklace, but if you do it wrong, your jewelry could be damaged forever. Additionally, most do-it-yourself repairs are merely temporary solutions to more serious issues. It could get worse again if you don't fix it right. If you still have a warranty on your jewelry, trying to fix it yourself could void your coverage. 

You can rest assured that professional jewelry repair services at White Diamond will restore your jewelry to its original condition. Your favorite bracelet, necklace, or ring will continue to look as magnificent as the day you purchased it.

How Often Should You Really Clean Your Engagement Ring? 

Your engagement ring is unquestionably one of your most prized possessions. Your engagement ring can become clogged with soap, shampoo, and lotion, and everyday activities like holding your phone can collect dirt and grime, dimming the diamond's sparkle and reducing its beauty. From a sanitary perspective, poorly maintained jewelry can become a breeding ground for bacteria, resulting in metal deterioration and discoloration, as well as scratches on the stones and unsightly skin irritations. So, how often should your engagement ring be cleaned?

Every Two Weeks 

Because diamonds are more durable than other precious metals, you can clean them more frequently without worrying about them getting damaged. If you wear your engagement ring every day, once every two weeks is enough to keep bacteria at bay and restore its sparkle. 

Once a Month 

It's worth it to take the time to clean more thoroughly once a month. Diamonds are resilient, but they are not impervious to damage. When cleaning, don't scrub too hard or use harsh chemicals, and don't leave your engagement ring in liquids for too long. It's also important to know how to properly care for your metal, stone, and setting. 

It is recommended that you take your ring in for a professional cleaning and inspection every six months. We will make certain that neither prongs nor stones have been bent out of shape. Your engagement ring's risk of damage should be reduced by committing to our professional service every six months. 

Avoid Using Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners at Home 

While ultrasonic jewelry cleaners do produce sparkling results, they work by sending vibrations through the water and cleaning solution in a matter of minutes. Do not use ultrasonic jewelry cleaners at home. The machine's vigorous movement may cause stones to become loose or even fall out. Many rings, like wedding bands, contain many small diamonds. If one or two were to come loose, you may not notice and accidentally throw them away when cleaning the machine. Your rings have such important meaning and significance. Make the best choice to preserve and care for them by bringing them to us for repairs and cleanings.