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What We Do


A private jeweler is a jeweler who meets one-on-one with you by appointment to take care of your jewelry needs. There are so many advantages to shopping at White Diamond, your personal jeweler. We promise you will never feel pressured to make a purchase or choose a product you are not completely in love with. Custom jewelry can be made and sourced specifically for you, so you won't have to select a mass-produced piece from our stock. We can also make alterations to a ring you want but is not quite right, again creating a custom piece just for you. 

We want to give you our full attention. We don't want to simply sell you a ring.  We want to hear your story and help you reflect your personality and style in your final piece. Walking into a jewelry store with a bunch of other customers does not create the experience you deserve. 

Jewelry Repair Service

When your favorite ring, bracelet, or necklace breaks, it can break your heart. Jewelry is valuable for both personal reasons and monetary reasons, so investing in professional repair is worth it. Although you may be tempted to try some DIY repair alternatives, we recommend bringing in your precious jewelry so we can fix it correctly the first time. 

Jewelry Store

A lot of people who buy engagement rings know what they want to see in general, like the size, shape of the diamond, and/or the style of a ring. When you make an appointment, we can narrow down exactly what it is you are looking for. This creates the best experience and keeps you from becoming overwhelmed with all of your options. 

Diamond Dealer 

The three aspects of the 4Cs that can have a significant impact on the prices and values of two diamonds of the same carat weight: Color, cut, and clarity. It's critical that a diamond's worth is determined using all of the 4Cs, not simply carat weight. When you purchase with White Diamond, you will only receive the highest quality products. 

Wholesale Jeweler 

Custom jewelry is not always more expensive than brand jewelry that has already been manufactured.  We specialize in designing a piece of jewelry that complements your personal style, is within your financial means, and possesses a sentimental value that is unrivaled by anything you can buy in a store. 

Jewelry Repair Service 

investing in professional repair is worth it. Although you may be tempted to try some DIY repair alternatives, we recommend bringing in your precious jewelry so we can fix it correctly the first time. The final result of a repair is what matters most. You might want to replace a stone in a bracelet or fix the clasp on a necklace, but if you do it wrong, your jewelry could be damaged forever. You can rest assured that professional jewelry repair services at White Diamond will restore your jewelry to its original condition. 

Custom Jewelry 

There's an undeniable advantage to making a custom wedding band: you get to plan your perfect ring and have it created for you. Customizing a ring is usually a quick and simple process. You'll save a lot of time by talking to us and explaining exactly what you want. Once you choose your ring and make your deposit, you can count on having your ring within a few weeks instead of months. 

Jewelry Exporter 

When you shop for an engagement ring, you frequently purchase two items simultaneously: your stone and your setting. The setting is the metal framework that holds your center stone and the stone is typically a white diamond.

Jewelry Designer 

You should not have to make any compromises for what you want. Additionally, custom-made jewelry lets you set your own price. If you want to find the best jewelry designer for you, consider White Diamond as your personal jewelry designer.

White Diamonds 

A diamond is an ideal present for special occasions like milestones and anniversaries because it can represent true love. Diamonds come in a wide range of hues, and the significance of each hue can vary slightly. We sell both natural and lab-grown diamonds. Natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds are identical in appearance, hardness, and durability. No matter what type of diamond you choose, every piece of jewelry we offer is of the highest quality and made with great care. We believe it is important to offer our clients both natural and lab-grown diamonds so they can make the best choice for themselves.

Making an appointment with White Diamond means you will have the best experience choosing your jewelry. We are here to offer you quality diamonds at affordable prices. Our goal is to help you choose and create the perfect piece while respecting your budget. There is no reason you cannot have the style and cut of a ring you want for a price you can afford.