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Traditional Anniversary Gifts

1st Anniversary: Gold

For some, the first year of marriage is titled “pure bliss” and couples are often still in the honeymoon phase of their marriage. For others, the first year of marriage can bring new challenges and adjustments and many celebrate making it to that first milestone while still being able to claim each other’s love. Starting a life together can be costly, and may not leave a large amount of money for an anniversary gift. You can still keep the cost low but still show her you love her with a simple GOLD necklace or bracelet – perhaps you can add a charm each year, the gift that keeps on giving. For him, a GOLD necklace, ring with an engraving, or a gold tie tac is a sure way to make sure he feels loved. 

2nd Anniversary: Garnet

Garnet is a precious stone consisting of a deep red vitreous silicate mineral. It also comes in yellow, green (tsavorite), and pink, but the most common color is red. Sometimes the red stone is called rhodolite garnet. Garnet can be used in rings, earrings, pendants, or any other piece of jewelry piece you’d like to implement – perhaps a charm to add to the bracelet you gave her on your first anniversary. We prefer red garnet when it’s set white gold or platinum. 

3rd Anniversary: Pearls

There are two different types of pearls- natural or cultured. Natural pearls are more expensive, because they are more rare. However, cultured pearls are luminescent products of nature, and they are grown the same way as natural pearls, so the price is about the only difference between the two! Both natural and cultured pearls are usually sand, pebbles, or seed that implants itself into a mollusk, like an oyster or mussel. In a natural pearls, it can turn into a pearl once it’s trapped in the mollusk, but the cultured one is placed in the mollusk and the pearl grows around it. Pearls are fragile and are best placed in something that won’t get damaged easily, because of this, they’re also usually only worn for special occasions. Pearls come in many colors – classic white, pink, blue, green, golden, gray, and black. 

4th Anniversary: Blue Topaz

Blue topaz has historically been associated with love and affection, so what better stone to give for an anniversary gift? Blue topaz was originally the most rare stone color, but now can be found in many colors and shades. Now jewelers use a permanent treatment to diffuse the topaz, which coats the stone with beryllium. Beryllium turns colorless topaz a light blue and it stays that way forever. Jewelers can also turn topaz into a deeper blue, known as London and Swiss Blue, which is caused by irradiation and heating. Blue topaz looks beautiful in earrings, pendants, bracelets, and rings. 

5th Anniversary: Sapphire

The classic color of sapphire is blue, however, it can be found in white, and different shades of pink and violet. Sapphire is a very durable stone and ranks high on the hardness scale. It is great for any occasion and any piece of jewelry. 

6th Anniversary: Amethyst

Amethyst is usually a purple color, but can have shades of red or blue, or even green. Some stones can be heated to enhance the colors. Amethyst isn’t hard to come by and is can be placed in all styles of jewelry. 

7th Anniversary: Onyx

Onyx is very popular in men’s jewelry. It is hard and durable – so this is a great gift to give your man as an anniversary gift. Onyx is often paired with diamond accents. If looking for a gift for her, black onyx looks stunning paired with white metal. You can also never go wrong with a simple onyx stud earring. 

8th Anniversary: Tourmaline

Tourmaline can be found in just about any color. Tourmaline are great gems for both men and women, and finding them in any color makes it even easy to find a stone that is sure to please your partner. Some tourmaline can even have multiple colors in the same gem. 

9th Anniversary: Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli isn’t a super popular stone, however the cobalt-blue gem can make beautiful jewelry pieces. It is often found in craft jewelry. It is used in a Chinese practiced called feng shui, which is a practice that balances the postive and negative energies using natural and supernatural methods. 

10th Anniversary: Diamond Jewelry

Ten years is a huge milestone in a marriage and a significant amount of time. What better way to celebrate than with a classic diamond? Many women love to have a band added to her engagement and wedding ring. Don’t forget the men – diamonds can always be great accessories for them as well. 

11th Anniversary: Turquoise

Turquoise comes in several green/blue hues from light green to deep blue. Turquoise has been used throughout history as an adornment, however, today it’s used as an emblem of the southwestern US. Turquoise is most commonly placed in sterling silver, and is usually the primary focus of the jewelry piece. Jewelry pieces range from rings, bracelets, necklaces, and is often paired with leather. It can be great for both men and women. 

12th Anniversary: Jade

Jade has been a common stone all around the world for a long time. It can be found in many colors, but the most popular color is green. It is most commonly found in necklaces and earrings and used as a bead. In rings, the signature shape is the round domed shape called “cabochon”. 

13th Anniversary: Citrine

Citrine is best compared to sunshine on a warm summer day. It is a yellow gem that is absolutely stunning. It’s very affordable and is very versatile with any design and color of metal. Citrine has a warm look when paired with yellow gold, and is often paired with diamonds. Its bright and sunny disposition is accented well by a white gold or sterling silver setting. 

14th Anniversary: Opal

Opal comes in many shades of white, but it is most common as a creamy white with a hint of rainbow shining on the stone. Because it has a rainbow color within the stone, it pairs beautifully with accent stones that pick up the colors from the opal. 

15th anniversary: Ruby

Rubies are a perfect anniversary gift because they represent love and passion. The amazing saturated red will be sure to spark the romance. Most rubies have been heat treated, which improves their color and clarity. Rubies are very common and can be found just about anywhere. 

16th Anniversary: Peridot

Peridont is a green gem that comes in various shades, but usually is the color of grass. It looks really great on white metals and yellow golds- the golds make it more of a bright, spring tone. Peridot can scratch because it is fragile and soft, so it is not usually an everyday wear. 

17th Anniversary: Watches

Watches are a gift that every man is sure to love. Although your partner may have a few, check to see what style he doesn’t have. Does he have a leather band watch, a stainless steel band, or an all gold watch? Fill in the gap in his wardrobe! Women watches are also very trendy and will be well loved and appreciated too. 

18th Anniversary: Cat’s Eye

A Cat’s Eye gemstone looks a lot like it sounds. It is a gemstone that is polishined into a cabochon that displays a narrow band of light going across the width of the stone. This creates a “cat’s eye” look to the gemstone. It is often done with chrysoberyl, which is the rarest gemstone, but can also occur in quartz, sapphire, and ruby. 

19th Anniversary: Aquamarine

Take your spouse to see the caribbean ocean without a plane ticket. The aquamarine looks like the color of the ocean – and the shades range from darker blue to shades of green. Aquamarine also is a symbol of fidelity and hope… we think that’s fitting for the 19th year of marriage!

20th Anniversary: Emerald

Emerald is a beautiful green color and looks beautiful with any type of jewelry. It is a fragile stone though, which is important to keep in mind. The ring should be worn with care, but because of its classic and elegant nature, it’s usually only worn for special occasions. 

21st Anniversary: Iolite

Iolite has a blue to violet color gemstone. It isn’t very common because there are so many blue gems. Iolite is historically known as the viking’s compass. This gemstone is a light polarizer that helped Viing sailors navigate the ship when the sun wasn’t out. 

22nd Anniversary: Spinel

Spinal is another gemstone that isn’t very popular, but we’re not sure why because it is stunning, durable, and affordable. It often comes in red, blue, black, pink, and purple. This gem represents setting aside your ego and becoming devoted to another person. 

23rd Anniversary: Imperial Topaz

“Imperial Topaz” ranges from yellow to a deep golden color. To own one, is known to bring true love, fidelity, friendship, and a gentle nature – all good things for a 23rd year anniversary. While women can have it placed in jewelry, it also can be given in a fine bottle of cognac. 

The name “imperial topaz” simply refers to topaz that can range from yellow to a deep golden color often likened to cognac. So while women can have their jewelry, perhaps men can be given a fine bottle of cognac to toast the 23rd anniversary.

24th Anniversary: Tanzanite

When you think of how many gemstones have been around throughout history, it really puts into perspective how new of a gem tanzanite is. Tanzanite was discovered in the late 1960’s. It is a blue gem and usually has a purple or violet hue to it. It looks stunning with white metals like white gold, platinum, or sterling silver. 

25th Anniversary: Silver Jubilee

Silver jubilee specifically represents 25 years, so what better way to celebrate such a huge milestone! Because it represents this great milestone, it is available in so many things for both him, her, and home decor – in case you aren’t the jewelry type. Silver jubilee also comes in watches and many other products. 

30th Anniversary: Pearl Jubilee

Both cultured and natural pearls are created by layers – a perfect metaphor for all of the trials, tribulations, and memories a couple has after spending 30 years together. It represents fertility, friendship, and loyalty – a perfect way to celebrate 30 years. The pearl jubilee is also the gem for the 3rd anniversary, so now may be time for an upgrade. 

35th Anniversary: Emerald

Emerald is on the anniversary list twice, once at 20 years and once at 35 years. Because of this, consider getting a set of earrings that match the jewelry piece you got her at year 20. Both are huge milestones worth celebrating!

40th Anniversary: Ruby

Ruby is another repeat on the anniversary list, originally on year 15. But think of how far you have come since 15 years of marriage! That gorgeous red represents the essence of romance and love. 

45th Anniversary: Sapphire

Sapphire is also the fifth anniversary gem, but perhaps you couldn’t afford one at the early stages of your marriage, so now is the time to go big! There are many colors of sapphire. This gemstone represents integrity and wisdom- which I think you’ve probably mastered as a couple after being married for 45 years. 

50th Anniversary: Golden Jubilee

The 50th anniversary is the biggest accomplishment yet in life. Golden jubilee’s specific meaning is, “the fiftieth anniversary of a significant event”. I think 50 years of marriage definitely qualifies as a significant event! Consider a gold watch for him, or a new gold ring with diamonds for her. 

55th Anniversary: Alexandrite

After 55 years of marriage, I imagine a couple married this long is treating each other like royalty, so this gemstone is very fitting. It has the ability to change color in different light – ranging from purple/red to teal/blue. 

60th Anniversary: Diamond

If you’re the child or grandchild of someone celebrating 60 years together, perhaps you should gift them with a diamond. What an accomplishment 60 years is! Celebrate this anniversary with style – it is deserved!

70th Anniversary: Platinum Jubilee

Platinum jubilee has a specific meaning of 70 years. Platinum is a hard and rare white metal. It looks beautiful on a necklace or bracelet. 

75th Anniversary: Sapphire

At this point in life, there have been so many adventures, hardships, good times, and bad that you’ve experienced together. The sapphire jubilee represents just that. Pair it wil a bracelet or ring – it comes in a variety of colors. 

80th Anniversary: Ruby

The 80th anniversary is our final anniversary we have listed – the ruby jubilee. After this many years, if she doesn’t own a ruby by now, it’s about time you give her one! Congrats on a lifetime of love and happiness.